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Provider survey – young women and girls


Working with young women and girls coming out of custody
- consultation survey

Beyond Youth Custody, the England-Wide Learning and Awareness (EWLA) programme that supports the resettlement strand of Youth in Focus, is committed to the production of regular research briefings on topics related to practice with young people leaving custody.   In developing these briefings, we access and synthesize available research and practice literature, and we consult widely with colleagues in service delivery and other organisations.
These online surveys are a key part of our consultation work, and they are designed to allow us to gather feedback from key practice and other professionals, to ensure that our briefings are properly grounded in that practice experience.

What is this survey about?

We are currently focusing on issues concerning the resettlement of young women and girls leaving custody, and we are interested in hearing the views of professionals who deliver resettlement work for girls and young women (up to age 25).

Who should complete this survey?

We ask that this questionnaire only be completed by staff members from organisations or projects that are involved in resettlement work with girls or young women, or by professionals from public or other bodies who are involved in such work.  It may be that your organisation or agency is involved in other types of work as well, but for this questionnaire we are interested only in the resettlement work with females.
When should this questionnaire be completed?

The survey will remain “live” until 1st August 2014, but we would be very grateful for responses as soon as possible.  It should take about twenty minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire.  Please note that the survey has been set up to allow you to save your questionnaire for completion later, if you are not able to complete it all at once (the facility for allowing this is at the top of each page of the questionnaire).

Who can I contact if I have any questions about the survey?

If you have any questions about the survey, or if you’d like to discuss if you are the most appropriate person to complete it, please feel free to contact us by email at, or by phone (Beyond Youth Custody office - 020 7840 7247).

Please note:

Completed surveys will be treated as confidential and will only be seen by the research team. Individuals and organisations will not be identified in any findings.

There is a companion survey (with a separate weblink) which we are asking providers and other resettlement professionals to cascade within their own projects/agencies, to girls/young women that they deliver resettlement services to (we provide further details at the end of this questionnaire).